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Our Team

Administration Team

To run a successful company, a good administration team behind the scenes is absolutely vital. At Chamberlaine, we are lucky, ours is second-to-none.

Whether it's dealing with customer requests or queries, finding solutions to an emergency or ensuring the payroll and accounts are in order, our team consistently delivers.

Chamberlaine has been built with an emphasis put on a strong team culture with every department and person playing a vital role. The administration team are testament to this and allow the rest of the company to flourish.

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Area Managers

Ensuring the service delivered is to the excellent standards our clients demand and we expect doesn’t happen by chance. Chamberlaine have always believed in the importance of placing quality staff in pivotal roles to ensure the maximum level of service is provided. With the Area Managers, this is no different.

Responsible for a portfolio of sites, their sole focus is to ensure excellent standards are delivered and consistently maintained throughout their accounts. To make this happen they are encouraged to take ownership of all their sites and make regular visits to them to build strong working relationships with our customers.

Their knowledge of their portfolio and specific site requirements, allows them to manage their supervisors and teams to ensure we always go above and beyond expectations. All our Area Managers are very highly trained and experienced in their field.

Meet the team.


To get the actual work done and completed safely, securely and to the expected levels, we need qualified, trained and trusted people on the ‘ground’ to get it done. The supervisors manage their own portfolio of sites and provide direct management to the cleaning teams and communication upwards to the Area Managers.

Ownership of sites and customers is again the priority as well as encouragement to them to provide crucial feedback on all aspects of the job and recommendations on how service can be improved and developed.

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Management Team 

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