Commitment to security


Commitment to security


We take workforce trustworthiness very seriously our business is built on integrity, honesty and fairness.

All staff are vigorously vetted, interviewed and trained prior to starting with the company.

We use a system called ISYS to verify identification and to confirm their work entitlement status within the U.K. ISYS is the same technology employed by border agencies at airports and entry points to countries throughout the world.

The Intelligent Document Checker & Passport Scanner scans the document and carries out checks on the UV images, infra-red, photos, MRZ (machine readable zones), paper type, ink used, font used and many other checks to then compare these against a library of thousands of documents to identify and validate its authenticity.

Only after a potential employee is properly vetted and trained will they be allowed to start work.

Once started all staff wear highly recognisable company branded uniform and carry an identification card bearing their photograph at all times.

Bespoke livery can also be arranged to meet individual client or site requirements.

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