Safe & Secure

Posted on Thursday 20th of August 2015

Workforce Validation

Chamberlaine receive clean bill of health from UK Border Agency.

"It is very rare for a company of your size and nature to have a workforce which is vetted so intensely and you should be commended for your efforts" UK Borders Agency

Around 4 years ago we introduced a document verification system called ISYS.
Developed in conjunction with 3M and the UK borders agency, we have taken the technology used to verify documents & passports at airports and borders throughout the world to validate the identity of all our potential employees.

The Intelligent Document Checker & Passport Scanner scans the document and carries out checks on the UV images, infra-red, photos, MRZ (machine readable zones), paper type, ink used, font used and many other checks to then compare this against a constantly updated library of thousands of documents to identify and validate its authenticity and a person’s legality to work within the U.K.

This is a great result which shows the effectiveness of the ISYS system and the other vetting processes we use. We feel the peace of mind that this technology brings to our customers and our company is money well spent.